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Announcing #NYFAED15: National Youth Forum on Agro-based Entrepreneurship Development, 9-11 January 2015, Kathmandu, Nepal

NYFAED15YPARD Nepal with Multifarious Consultancy and Research Centre (MCRC) Pvt. Ltd., Kathmandu, Nepal’s support call for applications from Nepalese youth to participate in the National Youth Forum on Agro-based Entrepreneurship Development (#NYFAED15) that will take place from January the 9th to the 11th, 2015 in Kathmandu, Nepal. #NYFAED15 will bring together around 40 young professionals to discuss the future of the agro-based entrepreneurship development in Nepal. #NYFAED15 seeks to:

  1. Identify the steps required for wider involvement of young professionals in promoting sustainable intensification and profitable entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector;
  2. Chart the way forward out of mentorship programmes for bridging research and knowledge gaps in agricultural system;
  3. Generate conceptual tools needed for wider engagement and contribution of youth in agricultural development.

Online application is available at http://www.ypard.net/news/nyfaed15-national-youth-forum-agro-based-entrepreneurship-development-2015.

Submission deadline: 25 December 2014.

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YPARD changes its Logo!

Rolling out YPARD new logo

2014 is the launch of YPARD’s 2014-2018 vision, set to strengthen YPARD’s ability to foster youth’s role for a sustainable agricultural development.

We kicked off the year with a key strategic planning meeting which marks a turn for YPARD. A series of changes were made to reflect the dynamism and wide-scale performance of YPARD. YPARD’s full name, its vision and mission, have been revisited in order to better encompass our focus on Youth’s key role for Agricultural Development ( – beyond research ). Learn more on the report of the Strategic Planning meeting.

Also, a 2013 External Review emphasized the great progress made by YPARD since 2009, date of the last ER. For instance, YPARD membership showed a 400% increase and our community gained more recognition among global agricultural development’s stakeholders.

YPARD new brand Logo reflects the significant growth of YPARD, and its key 2014strategic shifts and planning.

By bringing a new fresh and revitalized look to the logo, we emphasize the innovative character of youth’s activities. YPARD stands more than ever as a dynamic community, symbolized by the 3D-effect open circle of the Logo which brings together nature and people. This new representation is also a way to better place YPARD among agricultural development stakeholders.

A new Logo is the symbol of the organisational changes bringing new directions for YPARD activities. This includes focusing on more thematic and in-depth content, mentoring perspectives for young people and strengthening the YPARD team.

This visual representation unveils who we are and what we do. It is also a way topromote agriculture among the youth by giving a modern image of our community of young professionals in agriculture.

Aesthetic is very subjective and Change is often something hard to get through – even for the best. We hope that most of you will enjoy this “wind of change”!

To the graphic design lovers: have you ever noticed the astonishing Apple’s logo evolution?Have a look at it!


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Promoting Youth in Agriculture

[Past event feature]

Among twelve universities in Nepal, there are three which are related to higher agricultural education. Today we have better communications, free online information and general literacy; we also have an environment in which the universities are struggling to maintain their position. The establishment of a new Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU) has made it free for thousands and thousands of fairly ordinary people to go to university. This generated in turn, hundreds of teaching posts. Recently from this March 2013, it has started Bachelor level of academics in Agriculture and Veterinary Science at Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal with taking 110 students in agriculture and 40 in veterinary science.

Agriculture and youth are two different words but very inseparable too. We cannot separate agriculture from youth; indeed we need to promote youth interest in agriculture. Since, youth are messenger of excellent source of ideas and innovation with significant impact on public opinion, policy and action. In addition, the agricultural sector, national economies and the region will also benefit as a consequence of the increase participation of youths.???????????????????????????????

Youth are underrepresented and are marginalized everywhere. The lack of participation from young people in farming and the agricultural economy must be seen as a matter of grave concern to all. Poverty and unemployment has been leading to the brain drain and migration of youths nationally from rural areas to urban and nationally to the abroad.

Investing in young people on improved access to training, capacity development and facilitating access to and encouraging the use of appropriate technology with more broad platform is key to enhancing agricultural productivity and food security, boosting rural economies, and reducing rural-to-urban migration. Nowadays, Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) has been a key platform for the knowledge sharing and networking regarding development of agriculture globally.

The Young Professionals’ Platform for Agricultural Research for Development (YPARD), as a global community of young professionals for young professionals in agricultural research for development, has given particular attention to promote youth in agriculture. On 25 April 2013, YPARD has organized seminar entitled “YPARD Awareness Campaign” in collaboration with AFU at Rampur, Chitwan where a total 113 undergraduate students were actively participated.

YPARD Awareness Campaign (YAC) has been designed with thinking that to promote YPARD in Nepalese universities. Additionally building a student’s networking among different agricultural universities of Nepal to organize further program that follows YPARD’s strategic objectives and looks to build upon the movement within the country or region. At earlier in December 2012, YAC has been successfully completed its activities in all three branches of Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science under Tribhuvan University and Himalayan College of Science and Technology under Purbanchal University.

The program overview of YAC comprised with Technical Knowledge Sharing for Undergraduates, Social media in Agriculture and YPARD general presentation. First semester participant, Swikriti Pandey has expressed her opinion as “I got several informative points from seminar and made me energize in the field of Information and Communications Technology and Agricultural Research for Development. The session has provided me good information on internet browsing, more precisely use of different web applications and related websites to agricultural academics, use of social media in agriculture and highly appreciable concept of YPARD which is involved in promoting youth in agriculture”.

agriculture and forestry universityLecturer from AFU, Nirajan Bhattarai stated that “such kind of presentation is not only benefitted to the students but also to the academic professionals.” Since day by day, there is technical advancement but it depends upon us that how much we are familiar? “Even there are some professors who requested to handle their email ID to the other staffs or students. I agreed with that they are senior and with highly experienced knowledge in their respective sector, however there is hesitation also which is hindering them from use of recent technologies and to get updates in their sectors”, Bhattarai added.

Similarly Director of Continuum Education Center, Dr. Mohan Sharma from AFU said, “though we are in very early phase of newly formed university, we are trying to include more recent ICT applications in our course curriculum. Since these are tools which makes easy on our academic life and I will appreciated such kind presentation from YPARD in future too”.

YPARD is leading global networking in agriculture which provides platform to facilitate the exchange of information, to share knowledge and ideas of youth and developing capacities in youth from several kinds of seminars, webinars, conferences, etc. Similarly it leads to develop local and international networks with different agricultural stakeholders which could attract more youths towards scientific agricultural practices in sustainable manner.

Look at the pictures of the event.

YPARD Nepal calls for membership

YPARD Nepal is a branch of YPARD working voluntarily for the upliftment and enhancement of agriculture in Nepal. With successful university level awareness programs, YPARD Nepal wants to extend its arm and raise new voices for the common fight of agricultural prosperity.YPARD Nepal

YPARD Nepal now opens membership for 20 volunteering members to organize different programs as discussed on year roung planning of YPARD Nepal working group. The team will help local representatives and national representative of Nepal to organize and involve in our upcoming program like Mushroom Cultivation, farmer’s field trips to feature successful stories, promotion of youth through “Youth of the Month”.

YPARD Nepal Objectives

  • To enhance, attract & motivate youths towards agriculture.
  • To build technical capacity among youths regarding agriculture and research activities.
  • To execute agricultural know-how on local and practical basis.
  • To disseminate the opportunities and events of the international and national platform to enhance youths towards ARD.

The applicant should be active member of YPARD-Nepal and below 40 years of age. S/he should have a genuine understanding of YPARD mission and objectives.

Deadline for submission of membership form is 25 Dec 2013. Please submit the form by email to ypardnepal@gmail.com. Incomplete or tardy applications will not be considered.

Make sure you are registered on www.ypard.net.

Photo credit: Madhu Sudhan Ghimire


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