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News: Bactocell gets EU approval for pigs and poultry

Lallemand Animal Nutrition has received European Commission authorisation for its lactic acid bacteria Pediococcus acidilactici MA 18/5M to be use in drinking water for weaned piglets, pigs for fattening, laying hens and chickens for fattening.

The water soluble formulation of this key probiotic is now available under the trade name Bactocell Drink.  This innovative formulation is the result of research and development in probiotic formulation aimed at addressing specific situations in addition to the probiotic’s incorporation in feed. It offers generally flexibility and rapidity in farmers and technicians intervention, thus allowing to extend the use of this safe and effective zootechnical feed additive.

It can be incorporated directly into water lines at farm level at the precise dosage and required time of intervention such as during certain changes, for example after  vaccination etc. A recent trial conducted in Egypt (Prof. Awaad, University of Cairo, 2012, unpublished) after a pathogen challenge episode in laying hens indicates that Bactocell Drink could help reinforce animals’ natural defences.

In the case of very young animals, for which solid feed intake can be very low and irregular, its addition in the water ensures that they receive an adequate dose of probiotic from the very first days to support the stabilisation of their gut microflora.

Finally, its use in drinking water can also help overcome some technological issues of probiotic incorporation into pelleted feed (broiler feed for example).

Bactocell is also already authorised for use in complete feed for weaned piglets, pigs for fattening, chickens for fattening, laying hens, shrimps and fish. It is a homo-fermentative bacteria. These types of bacteria convert complex nutrients into lactic acid L+, which aids better digestion.
EU Authorisation
For more information see www.lallemandanimalnutrition.com


Post Source: http://www.allaboutfeed.net/Nutrition/Feed-Additives/2013/5/Bactocell-gets-EU-approval-for-pigs-and-poultry-1257408W/


Call for Application: 2013 SEED Awards for Sustainable Development

logoThe SEED Initiative has launched a new call for applications for the 2013 SEED Awards to support entrepreneurs for sustainable development.

If you are a start-up entrepreneur, women-led enterprise or have an idea to integrate social and environmental benefits, solving pressing local issues or making significant contributions to mitigating climate change or if you need support to help establish and grow your enterprise, then you can apply for this funding.

The SEED Awards 2013 receives support from the European Union, the German Federal Ministry for theEnvironment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, the government of Flanders, the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women), the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the international law firm Hogan Lovells.

For the 2013 cycle, SEED will make available up to:

  • 15 SEED Awards to enterprises in EthiopiaMoroccoMozambiqueNamibiaTanzania and Uganda;
  • 5 SEED Awards for enterprises in South Africa;
  • 3 SEED Awards for South African enterprises in the provinces of Free State, Limpopo and KwaZulu Natal;
  • 10 SEED Low Carbon Awards for enterprises in Colombia, India, Tanzania, Uganda and Vietnam;
  • 2 SEED Gender Equality Awards, for enterprises in other countries (except countries that are OECD or EU members).

You will be able to apply for a 2013 SEED Award if your enterprise:

  • demonstrates entrepreneurship and innovation
  • delivers economic, social and environmental benefits
  • has the intention and potential to become financially sustainable
  • is a partnership between different stakeholder groups
  • is locally driven or locally led
  • has potential for scale up or significant replication
  • is in the early stages of implementation
  • is in a country with a developing or emerging economy

The deadline for applications is Wednesday, June 12th, 2013, 23:59 Central European Time (CET).


For more information, visit this link.

Letter to the game changers (Herman van Rompuy, Martin Schulz, Jose Manuel Barroso)

[Author:  Codrin Paveliuc Olariu, post on 17 November 2012]


My name is Codrin Paveliuc Olariu.

I am an ordinary European citizen who is directly affected by Brussels politics.

I followed last week the news regarding Mr.van Rompuy`s Multi Annual Financial Framework (MFF)proposal and, honestly, I got worried…because all the suggested budget cuts and reallocations affect me directly.

I am 29 years old. Although according to both the EU and UN definitions, I am not young anymore (so discriminatory!!!), I consider myself to still be a young professional. By cutting down the budget allocated to youth programmes and education, you give a hard blow not only to me, but also to an entire generation aged between 15 to 29 that sees its future falling into ruins. Why should we not invest in their future as it is also our future?

I am from Botosani, a city from the North East Development Region of Romania. It is recognized as one of the poorest regions in my country, with the largest development discrepancies that exist in Europe. The Cohesion budget coefficient have been modified in the MFF proposal, being cut from 3.35 to 3.15. This means a decreased budget not only for my region and city, but also for many regions like this all over Europe. Why treat them as second rate citizens of the EU when the “word of the day” should be “Union”?

I am qualified as an agronomist, but at this time work in agricultural research actually. The MFF budget proposal gives the CAP post 2013 a cut of 25.5 billion Euros after the EC already diminished it. Everybody benefits from agriculture: almost 50% of EU people live in the countryside, many are employed there, 100% of our food comes from agriculture. Why should we give a blow to agricultural competitiveness when we should support it?

I am working in agricultural research on global food security. The proposed cuts to foreign aid budget directly affects support to food security measures. Why should we lose the fight against global hunger when the solutions are within our reach?

I am a 29 year old Romanian, working in food security policies research in Belgium, worried about the state of the Union. I have voted for competitiveness and jobs policies, for an increased research budget, but I have never chosen between different political parties.

I strongly believe that political ideologies should not stand in the way of developing a nation or the European Union. Our personal/national egos should not be greater than the needs of the citizens.

Investing in youth, research, education, competitiveness, agriculture should not be affected by the financial crisis, elections in your countries, quarrels between political groups or egos of European institutions getting the first taste of power in the co-decision process.

It is time to stop saying “we should” and say “I will”. Strong commitments for our “common” future are needed.



Note: This post is taken here from official blog with an intention of disseminating the information to a wider audience. Further details can be found in the original source link below. Read more about at http://codrinpo.wordpress.com/2012/11/17/letter-to-the-game-changers/