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Raising Your Career Potentials- EduMala Mentoring Program

EduMala Mentoring ProgramHow do you feel when someone gives you a ride when you are walking on a lonely road?

You answer might be “it’s awesome!!!” Like that, EduMala is what YPARD Nepal has been developing to help you!

EduMala Mentoring Program, which is specially targeted to the undergraduate/ graduate level students from Nepal, who have no or less idea about online/offline platform and its benefits, but they are really interested to be a part of it. They have academic knowledge, but might be lacking of soft skills, including coordination, negotiation, management, and/or interpersonal communications etc.

Through this program, we are trying to provide those kind of skills using interactive videos, presentations, online forums to achieve our mentees expectations. Currently, we are offering 5 courses with 5 mentors for 5 weeks. Every day mentor will spend at least 30 minutes with mentees during his/her session. Mentors and their course title are given below:

Dinesh Panday- Written communications skills, youth opportunities and networks in agriculture and social media

Lok Raj Joshi- Scientific writing, tips on scientific article publishing, Proposal writing

Santosh Adhikari- Government youth promoting policies and facilities with focal person information and successful stories of young entrepreneurs

Abhishek Khadka- Food entrepreneur and food quality control

Ishwora Dhungana- Social event management and coordination with local and national agencies

We received 114 applications to join this program as mentee and finally, we divided this number in to 3 groups; first group with 34, and rest two groups with 40/40. The first session will be starting from 3rd January 2016. We are also trying to make our sessions more participatory and supportive by developing problem solving skills.

Video- EduMala Mentoring Program