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Call for Papers: AgriFuture Days 2014

2014 is the International Year of Family Farming (IYFF). The theme of this years’Agrifuture Days 2014 conference is “ICTs enabling Family Farming”. The AnnualAgriFuture Days 2014 conference will take place from June 16th to 18th at Villach, Austria.

The Club of Ossiach, as AgriFuture Days organizers, invite speakers from the private, public, commercial, community and research sectors to send us their proposals for participation and presentations at AgriFuture Days 2014.
Key issues in the following 3 areas where the application and the use of ICTs make a difference to family farming will shape the program.
  1. Informing family farming communities
  2. Improving family farm’s productivity and production efficiencies
  3. Improving family farm producers participation in markets
The conference provides two options to give a presentation.
1) Innovative ICT solutions and big ideas to better one of the three a.m. subject areas
They will be presented on the 1st conference day, June 16th.
Please submit online an abstract of max 500 words, demonstrating the innovative research or development for improving one of the addressed problem areas. Abstracts should explicitly address background, objectives, methods, results and conclusions.
2) Well established technologies and software solutions
They will be presented during the 3rd conference day, June 18th the “Market-Day”If you want to give a presentation of your new or well established ICT-solutions, or technologies which may also lead to an improvement of family farming, pleased submit an abstract of max 250 words.

Please mention the subject area you are addressing with your presentation and select max 3 related topics from the following list.
General instructions:
Abstracts have to be submitted online not later than Feb. 20th. The notification of abstracts acceptance is made by April 30th.  Abstracts for innovative solutions should not exceed 500 words, those of well-established solutions not more than 250 words. English will be the official language of the conference. The final selection of papers is the exclusive decision of the organizers and the program committee. Accepted papers will be presented at the conference as an oral presentation and the text will also be published in the conference proceedings.
Please select from the following topics (max 3), which suit best to your presentation.

  • Advisory/Extension
  • Agribusiness
  • Agricultural engineering
  • Animal health
  • Animal production/ Livestock husbandry
  • Aquaculture
  • Biotechnology
  • Climate smart agriculture
  • Crop protection
  • Decision support Systems
  • Distance Learning
  • e-AgBusiness and Production Chain Management
  • Education/Training,
  • Energy
  • Field Data Acquisition and Recording
  • Food Safety Control/Tracking-Tracing
  • Forestry
  • GIS
  • Green houses and plant factories
  • Health and nutrition
  • ICT for agriculture
  • Information Systems and Databases
  • Instrumentation and Control
  • Landscape architecture
  • Mechanisation
  • Organic agriculture
  • Pest management
  • Plant production
  • Precision farming
  • Rural and Environmental Development and Policy
  • Sensors and instrumentation
  • Soil health
  • Value chain
  • Water management
  • Web Services, Portals and Internet Applications
  • Wireless and Sensor Networks

More details clubofossiach@agrifuturedays.com

Post Source: http://www.egfar.org/news/call-papers-agrifuture-days-2014