#GCARD3 communications – A call to the good, the willing and the innovators

1. If you are a professional communicator working within the GFAR network, with CGIAR, any of our partners, or a nonprofit organisation within our area of interest, join our core #GCARD3 communications team. You can contribute at will, or just watch and witness a great project coming to fruition, experimenting and learning as we go along.

2. If you are a social media enthusiast, and want to put your own skills and network to a good use, join our YPARD social media team, the habitat where we will coordinate the online support team.



Are you a professional communicator, or a social media enthusiast? Are you part of the GFAR network (the Global Forum on Agricultural Research) or CGIAR (the global agricultural research partnership), or one of its partners? Are you involved in a nonprofit organisation, institute or university working on any aspect of food security, agriculture, sustainable development, or eco-systems,…? Or a young social media enthusiast willing to put your skills into use for the greater good?

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  1. Thanks dinesh ! i will sure look into this

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