Call for Special session: Youth in Southeast Asia #ForestsAsia

Agenda: Monday | May 5th – 18.00 – 20.00

Special Session: Youth in Southeast Asia

Forests_Asia_Youth_Online_posterAre you:

  • Involved in forestry and passionate about the role youth play?
  • Passionate about finding creative solutions to big challenges?

Then you are just the person we are hoping will register for the youth session at the Forests Asia Summit!

What is the youth session at the Forests Asia Summit?

Youth are getting increasingly involved in policy and research efforts across the forestry and development sectors. Despite this, we are still seeing the same tired conference format of presentation after presentation with a lack of deep discussions and actionable outcomes.

We want to change that.

At the Forests Asia Summit on Monday May 5, we’ll be bringing together the best and brightest minds from Southeast Asia to talk about the future of the region’s forests.

We want young people at the forefront of this summit to identify new ways we can tackle major forestry issues and how youth can help drive such solutions forward.

Youth will be split into 5 roundtables where they will discuss ways to tackle a challenge facing Southeast Asia’s forests and people today. Each roundtable will be focused on one of the Summit’s discussion themes:

  • Governance and legal frameworks to promote sustainable landscapes
  • Investing in landscapes for green returns
  • Climate change and low emissions development on the ground
  • Linking food, forests and landscapes
  • Changing communities, sustainable landscapes and equitable development

Click here for more information about each theme.


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