Call for Special Sessions: GS International Multi-Conference on Science and Technology 2014, UAE (#GSMICST14)

The GS International Multi-Conference on Science and Technology 2014 (GS-MICST 14) will be the biggest conference not only in the history of United Arab Emirates (UAE) but also in the history of the Gulf States.

Call for Special Sessions

  • Each Proposal for Special Session is reviewed by the specific scientific committee . The organizer must have at least Ph.D. Degree.
  • Proposals for special sessions are invited by dynamic and energetic special session organizers. One paper of the special session organizer will be published without any registration fee (FREE OF COST) provided session is successful (session having Six papers is considered successful).
  • The aim of a special session is to provide an overview of the state-of-the-art and current research directions in specific fields of Science and Technology and its Applications.

Special Session Program

Special sessions consist of six papers as a target number (20 minutes each time slot), but a minimum of five and a maximum of eight papers are also acceptable. A special session paper can be a regular paper or an invited paper. Regular special session papers are unsolicited papers submitted by an author. The special session organizer may invite a distinguished researcher to submit an invited paper.

Review Process

Regular special session papers and invited paper(s) are reviewed by the special session organizer(s). Accepted special session papers will be published in the conference proceedings in the same length and format as regular conference papers.

Special Session Proposal Format

Proposals for special sessions should contain:
1. The special session title
2. The name(s) of the organizer(s), with contact addresses and emails
3. The aim and scope of the special session (100 words)
4. The title of the conference


Special session proposals should be sent at

Phase 1:

Submission Deadline: Feb 15,2014 .
Acceptance or Rejection notifications will be sent on Feb 28, 2014

Phase 2:

Submission Deadline: March 05,2014 .
Acceptance or Rejection notifications will be sent on March 10, 2014

Phase 3:

Submission Deadline: March 25,2014 .
Acceptance or Rejection notifications will be sent on March 30, 2014

Phase 4:

Submission Deadline: April 15,2014 .
Acceptance or Rejection notifications will be sent on April 20, 2014

Phase 5:

Submission Deadline: April 30,2014 .
Acceptance or Rejection notifications will be sent on May 10, 2014

Submit a Conference Paper
Instructions for Authors
Registration Fee

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