YPARD Nepal calls for membership

YPARD Nepal is a branch of YPARD working voluntarily for the upliftment and enhancement of agriculture in Nepal. With successful university level awareness programs, YPARD Nepal wants to extend its arm and raise new voices for the common fight of agricultural prosperity.YPARD Nepal

YPARD Nepal now opens membership for 20 volunteering members to organize different programs as discussed on year roung planning of YPARD Nepal working group. The team will help local representatives and national representative of Nepal to organize and involve in our upcoming program like Mushroom Cultivation, farmer’s field trips to feature successful stories, promotion of youth through “Youth of the Month”.

YPARD Nepal Objectives

  • To enhance, attract & motivate youths towards agriculture.
  • To build technical capacity among youths regarding agriculture and research activities.
  • To execute agricultural know-how on local and practical basis.
  • To disseminate the opportunities and events of the international and national platform to enhance youths towards ARD.

The applicant should be active member of YPARD-Nepal and below 40 years of age. S/he should have a genuine understanding of YPARD mission and objectives.

Deadline for submission of membership form is 25 Dec 2013. Please submit the form by email to ypardnepal@gmail.com. Incomplete or tardy applications will not be considered.

Make sure you are registered on www.ypard.net.

Photo credit: Madhu Sudhan Ghimire


Original Post Source: http://ypard.net/2013-december-11/ypard-nepal-calls-membership

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