AgriVision 2013: Time to resourcify

The seventh AgriVision animal nutrition conference will take place from Tuesday 18th to Thursday 20th June in Noordwijk aan Zee in the Netherlands. The conference will examine the options for feeding nine billion people in 2050; through improved productivity, new technologies and, most importantly, by addressing the ever-increasing demand for resources. It is encapsulated in the theme ‘Time to Resourcify’.

AgriVision 2013 will focus on challenges and opportunities both in and for Africa.
In a broader, global context, the contribution of science and technology in crop and animal protein production to solving the resource challenge will also be explored.

AgriVision offers key players in the animal nutrition business and various other stakeholders such as scientists, governments and NGOs, a unique opportunity to network and become inspired. In 2011, close to 400 delegates from almost 40 different countries mingled and made new connections. This conference is a platform for intellectual stimulation that provides input for strategy development.


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