Call for Application: South Asian Youth Conference 2012

SAYC was born when a group of South Asian youth came together at the 5th World Youth Congress in Turkey. They felt the deep connection of shared culture and history between them. But they also found several unresolved issues, incomplete conversations and possibilities of partnership.

Hence, this SAYC 2012 will witness the birth of the South Asian Youth Coalition – a group of youth organizations committed to building a stronger region. The SAYC thus becomes a focal point for these highly influential change makers to connect, collaborate and build connections.

120 Future Leaders From 8 South Asian Countries . Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri lanka, Maldives, Bhutan & Nepal.
Youth leaders from these countries are encouraged to apply. Though there are no specific participant categories
Potential change makers: those who show potential to create a change

Young activists: current leaders of social change movements

Educators: Involved directly in education

Journalists: Young media professionals

Management Students

Local Heroes: Those already honored and recognized in their own countries for their work


Young people who have done things; those who have the most interesting action project, and those who have the most interesting, do-able ideas for action projects; those with exceptional motivational skills – who can inspire us to do effective, cutting edge action projects. All delegates must have a working knowledge of English; if there are facilitators who offer to do skills workshops in other languages, and delegates who sign up to do them in those languages; this will be allowed to happen. Applications will only be accepted in English from participants.

By 15th August – You fill in your application forms and submit it to us
By 28th August – Your applications are evaluated by an international panel comprising of several high level change makers. Your references will be checked. You may be contacted for additional information
By 31st August– The first shortlist and waitlist of participants will be released on the site
By 6th September – You will provide a confirmation of your participation in the conference. You will be issued a welcome letter immediately and your visa process will begin
Call for workshops and plenaries will also be opened
By 25th September – You will receive a finalized schedule including results of your workshop selections
By 5th October – Your air tickets and arrival details have to be submitted to us

Application form available at


This application announcement is taken here from SAYC’s website with an intention of disseminating the information to a wider audience. Further details can be found in the original source link below. Read more about at


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  1. Since I have not received any confirmation into my email, I just wanted to ask you that if you send an email of confirmation to those who are not selected for the conference.

    Thank you,

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