Grant for UG: Undergraduate Ecological Project Support (UEPS)


The Undergraduate Ecological Project Support Grant is only open to current BES members and to applicants from a country classified as having a ‘low and lower-middle-income economies’ according to the World Bank categorization.

This grant is intended to include a stipend to cover the time taken doing ecological research work for up to a maximum of eight weeks. The grant can include travel and subsistence in addition to the stipend (but the same costs can not be requested in any accompanying Small Ecological Project Grant application). Work can be undertaken up-to 6 months after graduation, but cannot be part of an honours project. Successful applicants will be encouraged to present their work at the BES annual meeting within 18 months of commencing the work. Any resulting publications from the research must have the applicant as the principal investigator.

The work can be carried out in the UK or overseas.


The criteria that need to be met to qualify for this grant are:

This project should not be intended for submission as part of a degree course (e.g. honours project) but the applicant is encouraged to submit the results for publication
The research should be distinct from timetabled teaching activities and should primarily have been planned and organised by the applicant.
Applications must be supported by two academic referees at least one of which should be a member of staff of the institution where the applicant is a student. This referee should verify that the proposal is not part of an honours project.
UEPG’s are given to an individual student who is responsible for completion of a report to the BES. There is, however, no objection to any subsequent paper having co-authors.
There is no objection to the applicant doing the work whilst part of an expedition but the applicant has to take the responsibility of completing their own part of the expedition, as a stand-alone activity.
Several individuals may submit applications for the same expedition providing their projects are distinct.

The maximum grant, including stipend and subsistence shall be £2000. Stipend to be calculated at a rate of £250 per week. This may be applied for in addition to an SEPG grant, though costs cannot be repeated.

Closing dates:

1 April 2012



This grant is only available by applying using the BES online application form (


Two accompanying referee statements will be required before the online form is completed. Applicants are therefore advised to fill in and to submit their application form well in advance of the application deadline and to make sure that their referees are contactable by email as referee forms will be automatically sent to referee email addresses when the applicant has completed (and submitted) their online application. (Please advise referees to also look out for these emails in their spam folders). Forms fully completed with both references after the deadline will go into the next application round dependant on the stated start dates of the project. Applications can not be awarded in retrospect for research that has finished or already started by the grant deadline. 


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