GIS Training @ IAAS

World has been very pronounced with GIS term, even the planners of Nepal said ‘we need GIS facility on our office and we must be practiced new planning based on information received from GIS’. GIS stands for Geographic Information System, as in this time “Green Economy” is very marketable term. Similarly GIS also pronounced by more and more technical person, actually it is a statistical tools which do not support any branch of science.

I’m grower enthustic student in GIS application from Soil Science and Agri-engineering Department. We altogether six students are involved in this study. When we gained knowledge of  theory background in GIS from our course instructor Assoc. Prof. Keshav Adhikari, really we got chance to apply it from Resource Person Manish Kokh (GIS Specialist of Nepal) in two days training @ IAAS on ArcGIS 10. The two days (18 and 19 January 2012) training was focused on application of GIS on soil classification and mapping.

19 January was very historical day, every time when I moved from Administration building of Rampur Campus to Boys hostel; I was addicted from word “GIS FACULTY- PLEASE USE NEXT DOOR” near the Campus Chief Office. Over the four years stayed @ IAAS, today I got chance to visit GIS lab. As described from Dr. Adhikari, this building was started to use on “Water Management Study Program” in 1992. After the development of curriculum, since 1994 it was used as GIS lab. First it was under the supervision of Dr. Adhikari. When he took vacation for his PhD study, then it was transferred to late Assoc. Prof.  Devi Ghimire and then to the Assoc. Prof. Chandreshwor Sirvastav (still). During earlier period, it has history on success for three batches of IAAS but now it is not on function since last decade.

If we observed inside lab, there is Plotters, Digitizers, Scanner, Printers, Aerial Photographs, Topographs, Library with cataloging, Working hall, 9-10 numbers of Computers. There are well managed electrical cables inside lab. It was with its own vehicle “Irrigation Van-Tempo Traveler”. IAAS is exercised on new university as “Agriculture and Forestry University”, but every thing is in very worst condition due to poor management of administration. If we give small attention with 3-4 lakhs of financial support from college for its mainatinance and repairing, GIS lab could be operated in well management condition. So, there is need of collective efforts to strengthening GIS application program in IAAS.To view more pictures, please click on this link

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